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Updates for Caltech neighbors

Here you can find announcements and news for neighbors, ways to learn more and connect, and links to construction information and events you are welcome to attend.

January 2023

This winter, we celebrate the centennials of Caltech's Seismological Laboratory, our Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series, and the Rose Bowl.

The Seismological Laboratory has transformed earthquake science and safety. A big thank you to the neighbors who joined us on November 12 as we commemorated that legacy with an earthquake preparedness fair and an event called Shaking in Our Seats: Earthquake Science on the Big Screen. This Caltech article captures the Seismo Lab's contributions and its part in local and global history, and this Pasadena Star-News article recaps the event.

The Watson Lectures, which so many of you have enjoyed, turn 100 this year. We invite you to attend the special centennial series of Watson Lectures.

What history do Caltech and the Rose Bowl share? Did you know that the first eight of what would become the Rose Bowl games were held where Caltech's athletic fields and Tournament Park are now? A plaque will be installed in the park.

COVID-19 precautions

Caltech continues measures to minimize COVID transmission, including vaccination and booster requirements, surveillance testing, and an indoor masking requirement for people who have been exposed to COVID in the past 10 days. Learn more about Caltech's COVID-19 response and research into even more broadly protective vaccines.

Curious about the Caltech Associates?

Nonmembers who might like to join can attend the Caltech Associates event Our Quantum Future on January 17, 2023 at the Caltech Athenaeum. Registration, payment, and details are here: https://tinyurl.com/Jan17quantumfuture. Professors John Preskill, Rana Adhikari, and Oskar Painter will discuss the challenges and promise of quantum technology. (If you'd like to study ahead, read the December 2022 New Yorker article, "The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer," which highlights Preskill along with other Caltech community members including professor Alexei Kitaev and alumnus Peter Shor.) The event is presented by the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union (www.cefcu.org).

Founded in 1926 with funds from Caltech neighbor Henry Huntington and 100 other Southern Californians, the Caltech Associates supports Caltech research and education. Now national, the membership group offers travel programs and events that feature leading researchers. Members who live close to campus especially benefit from Associates' eligibility to join the Athenaeum, the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union, the Caltech Women's Club, and Caltech recreation facilities, which include swimming pools, a track, exercise equipment, and courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball, squash, and racquetball.

Stay in touch

If you would like to ask a question or share a comment, please email neighbor@caltech.edu. Neighbors are also welcome to subscribe to The Caltech Weekly, an email newsletter that highlights the most relevant research, news, and events at Caltech as well as the individuals who are advancing the boundaries of discovery. You can unsubscribe anytime.


Sustainability center construction
Traffic on Wilson Avenue between Del Mar Boulevard and California Boulevard may be slowed or controlled for occasional deliveries to the building site of the Resnick Sustainability Center, a future hub for energy and sustainability research. Trucks use City-advised routes on Wilson Avenue, Del Mar Boulevard, and Hill Avenue. Noise from the project may be audible.

Caltech water conservation
In response to regional water shortages and City of Pasadena watering restrictions, Caltech is no longer irrigating non-functional turf. We will continue to water campus trees, native landscaping, and the grass on athletic fields, event spaces, and common gathering areas as permitted. These measures will save 5 million gallons of water per year.

Connect With Us

Neighbors, stay up to date on the latest from Caltech via social media. Also, in the event of an emergency, Caltech will post updates on these platforms.